Kingfisher Lake

Kingfisher Lake this is our largest lake over an acre in size, with depths ranging from 2ft to 5ft.

A popular visitor to the lake is the kingfisher often heard and seen.

There are a good mix of Common, Mirror, Linear and Ghost carp. Also present are Roach, Rudd, Tench and Perch which average 1-3.5lb so offer a real treat to those targeting these species.

All techniques work here with the pole and waggler being most popular but do not neglect the feeder.  Pole and waggler fishing between 9 and 11 metres is productive, the bed contours can easily be found with careful plumbing.  Start by fishing the deeper part of the swim but be aware that the fish may come up in the water particularly where loose feed is being used. Do not neglect the margins, good numbers of fish can be caught close in, literally within a rod length of the bank.

Maggots, casters, worm, corn, meat, pellets and paste all work well.  Whatever bait is chosen the golden rule is accurate feeding, use a pole pot or a catapult when waggler fishing.  If small roach become problematic on maggot, a change to a larger bait such as corn will bring a better stamp of fish.

In winter, good catches of roach can be taken on red maggot and pinkie with the odd bonus fish falling to corn.

Floating baits such as bread and mixers can be used to target the Carp during the warmer months with the evenings being a favourite time to use this exciting method.


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Kingfisher Lake

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